ITHAX - AI with a human touch

ITHAX helps you get a grip on AI and make the right choices that suit your organization and people.

We offer support and turnkey solutions for daily organizational challenges, using the power of AI.

Our vision

We believe AI is here to help people, not replace them. According to ITHAX, real innovation arises from a combination of human and artificial intelligence.

By sharing knowledge and using it in our solutions, we strive to make optimal use of the collective intelligence of people and machines.

What do we do?

ITHAX provides knowledge and develops solutions in the field of generative AI and data science. We convert data into knowledge,
and knowledge to insight.

We also share our knowledge through workshops and targeted consultancy. This way we transform organizations and empower people.

Who are we?

ITHAX was founded by Patrick de Groot (l) and Wim Bozelie, 2 seasoned professionals, with more than 50 years of combined experience in information technology. Our team has years of experience in the field of AI implementations, both organizational and technical.

With this experience, we enable organizations to implement AI in a thorough and responsible manner and achieve maximum returns.

Where does the name ITHAX come from?

ITHAX is the nickname of Prometheus, god of ‘Forethought’. Progressive thinker and innovative. Also a teacher and inventor. Pyrrha is the daughter-in-law of ITHAX and creator of the human brain. We see this connection at ITHAX in the form of innovation using artificial intelligence.