Your AI Roadmap

Do you want to get started with AI in your organization but don’t know where to start? Or do you already use AI in a number of places and do you want to structure this?

ITHAX helps you get a grip on AI and make the right choices that suit your organization and your people. With an AI advisory report you will find out:

Phase 1 : Your organisation

We plan interviews with representatives of all those involved. Based on this we review: 

Phase 2 : our vision

Based on the information from phase 1, we develop and present a proposal for implementing AI in the organization.

We indicate the effect on the strategy and processes within the organization and what demands this places on technology and leadership.

The core team from within the organization provides feedback and determines which matters can be further elaborated in the roadmap.

Phase 3: the roadmap 

Based on the feedback in phase 2, we develop an AI strategy with a roadmap for the organization.

Here we identify concrete steps including implementation and technology choices, based on the information from phase 1 and the latest developments in the field of AI.

We also determine the success criteria and outline the impact on the organization. We combine all this in a roadmap with concrete goals, actions and planning.