Your AI Education

Do you want to know how AI will change the world? Does your head spin with all the technical terms? Do you want to get started yourself but do you lack basic knowledge?

ITHAX has developed various workshops for this purpose.

Choose the workshop that fits you

In every workshop we cover the basics. From that basis, you choose a focus on strategy or technology, or include both in the innovation workshop! Do you want to stay continuously informed? This is possible with our AI update!

AI Inspiration

Do you want to be immersed in the wonderful world of AI in 2 hours? Then book an inspiration session for your organization

Strategy workshop

Where are the biggest opportunities for AI? What are the implications for your business operations? How do you apply AI responsibly?

Technology workshop

How does AI really work? What are the latest techniques? How do you apply it successfully? How can you get started yourself?

AI Innovation

Do you want to learn about strategy as well as find out everything about technology? Then register for the AI ‚Äč‚ÄčInnovation workshop

AI Update

Developments in AI are moving at lightning speed. Do you want to stay regularly informed of the latest developments?
ITHAX offers a unique update program for this!

Individually or with your organization?

ITHAX also offers workshops in-company. We focus on the issues facing your organization and afterwards we provide you with a report with our findings and recommendations. This way you can immediately start using the knowledge you have acquired. And it is a good basis for an AI roadmap!

Did you know that an in-company workshop is already cheaper with 5 participants?