Your digital collegue

An AI assistant is always there for you to answer a question, analyze data or keep you informed of the latest developments. Now you can concentrate on the real work!


AI Assistants

Our AI assistants take the work off your hands and ensure that you can continue quickly.
ITHAX offers different types of AI Assistants:

Basic Assistant

A generic chat assistant, based on your own language model
in a controlled environment

Knowledge Assistant

An Assistant with knowledge of your specific organization or your industry that helps you quickly look up information

Analysis Assistant

An Assistant that analyzes documents ad hoc
and answers specific questions based on this

Autonomous Assistant

An Assistant that produces content independently
based on active monitoring

From idea to implementation

Each Assistant is tailor-made and delivered to you.
ITHAX is happy to discuss what suits your organization and your people. From there we create a plan, develop your solution and guide you through the implementation.