Your data at its best

Processing or enriching existing datasets with additional information, based on automated analysis using validated AI algorithms.

Enrich open data

Open data is a great source of information, but sometimes you miss that extra information point. By linking other data and applying AI, it is possible to create new information points.

Process data

Data comes in all shapes and forms and gives us the opportunity to extract new information from it. This often requires different layers of processing and analysis. With the use of AI, much more is often possible to achieve optimal results that fit exactly into your system.


From PoC to Production

We work with 3 phases: Proof of Concept, Pilot and Production

Proof of Concept (PoC)

A Proof of Concept is a short process in which a concept is tested. The costs are usually limited. A validated first impression is created. This way we know whether a next step makes sense.


In a Pilot we can tailor a proven concept to your specific situation. Adjustments are being made and the data service is being tested by a limited number of users.


In this phase, the solution or service is scaled up for practical use. The environment is made available in the cloud or on premises, for all intended users.