Your safe chat environment


A basic assistant is a language model such as ChatGPT. But based on OpenSource and optionally hosted on a self controlled cloud server
or even in-house.

This way you experience all the convenience of your own language model and chat assistant, in a safe and responsible manner that complies with legislation and regulations. A comforting idea.

Meet your safe chat assistant
on a local language model

What's in it?

  • An open source language model with a proper license for use in your organization
  • In accordance with the position of the Dutch government
  • Choice of using a small, medium or large language model
  • Language models support Dutch, English and German
  • Also the ability to choose a language model for programming languages
  • You can change language models annually or update your language model
  • For a fixed price per year

Where does it run?

  • the ITHAX Chat Assistant runs in your own IT Environment
  • This can be done on premise (local) or in your own cloud
  • If you wish, ITHAX can also set up a cloud environment for you
  • You can change servers or locations once a year
  • You have complete control over the environment

How will ITHAX support me?

  • We will completely set up the environment for you within a week
  • We support you during office hours and help you with questions or problems
  • You will immediately get on the phone with a specialist
  • We monitor where necessary, but by default we do not have access to your data
  • We advise on use and further options

What additional options are available?

  • API access – This way you can integrate the Chat Assistant with other applications
  • Developer API – This way you can customize the Assistant to your needs.
  • With support for LangChain and LlamaIndex
  • ‘Chat with my documents’ functionality
  • If you want a cloud environment, ITHAX can set it up for you with our Dutch Hosting partner and we can arrange a suitable server for you

What does it cost?

  • The safe ITHAX Chat Assistent is available from EUR 4.950,- a year
    with an unlimited amount of users

Do you want to work safely and in accordance with government policy?
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